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High-quality VS Cheap quality led

From: High-quality VS Cheap quality led
publisher: High-quality VS Cheap quality led
Time: 2018-03-16
Summary: High-quality VS Cheap quality led


High-quality VS Cheapquality led


Ourhigh-quality work light and light bar:


1: Shell: Our case is ahigh-purity aluminum up to 90%, the higher purity aluminum, better heatdissipation, this will increase the lifespan of the lamp.


2: Cable : High qualitysilicone cable, silicone wire regardless of minus 40 degrees or 80 degrees, thecable will be no any problem, silicone cable has Rupture prevention , leakage power function.


3: Bracket: high qualitymaterial 304, 304 bracket on the beach, not easy to rust. Waterproof much better.


4: LENS : high-end PCusing a high-temperature, high-pressure function, and more likely with lightplastic running, waterproof function much better.


5: light inside the lens:We use PC lens, PC favor resistance to high temperature, high pressure!


6: The light inside thealuminum plate: We are using high quality aluminum plate is 3 mm thick highthermal conductivity, extended lamp life, better thermal performance.


7: Lamp components: Weuse high-end components components. This is better heat lamp life will be morelong!


8: Lamp beads: highquality lamp beads is from the United States  famous brand cree led, International brand OEMlamp beads to use!


9: Production Process:We focus on high-quality led light, made a shockproof, waterproof, anti-static,high and low voltage, aging testing, we 0.1%  or more lower defectivated rates.


10: technicaldifferences: Our high-quality lights with EMC technology that can be solve theproblem of the warning and CANBUS function, some car inside have the radios,and other electronic products will not be disturbed! It can be installed inhigh-end cars.











cheapquality work light and light bar:


1: shell: aluminum ordinary quality at 75%,is not conducive to heat, reducing the life span of the lamp.


2: cable: ordinary secondary material isnot heat lamp at minus 40 degrees , line rupture, the occurrence of leakage ofelectricity lines


3: Bracket: commonmaterial is 201, the bracket 201 if used in the sea, easy to rust, poor water resistance.


4: LENS: general using acrylic material,and even some small workshops using a plastic light surface, easy to scratch,easy to burst.


5: Inside of the lens: Normal use isplastic material,  with a long time therewill be a problem the color will be easy Darkening.


6: inside circuit board: ordinary aluminumcircuit board using a thin 1.5 mm. Such poor thermal conductivity of the lamp,it will affect the lifespam of the lamp!


7: Lamp components: general quality oflight using a common components, it will affect lamp lifespam, poor heatdissipation.


8: Lamp beads: using a false cree led beads,or using a low-quality miscellaneous domestic brands lamp beads, with a longeasy to color shading.


9: The work of difference: cheap lightwithout burn in testing system, workmanship is no good, ordinary light failurerates at 2% -10%, and some other factories will be even higher defectived rates!


10: technical differences: cheap quality,so far there is no other factory have the EMC technology and installed ahigh-end car will be easy have problems . less car can be install.

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