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5 Automotive LED Lighting Market Outlook

From: 5 Automotive LED Lighting Market Outlook
publisher: 5 Automotive LED Lighting Market Outlook
Time: 2018-05-13
Summary: 5 Automotive LED Lighting Market Outlook
5 Automotive LED Lighting Market Outlook

Although LED applications in automotive lighting systems have just started, but with the rapid development of semiconductor lighting technology and the automotive industry, the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of automotive LED lamps will be greatly improved, and the application scale will gradually expand. Finally occupy the entire automotive lamp market.

According to the survey, the annual global sales of LEDs for in-vehicle applications are approximately 500 to 600 million euros. Within the automobile, such as car dashboards, in-vehicle radios, and switches have been 100% LED-ready, and this trend is accelerating. In-vehicle applications are applied outside the vehicle. In addition, the European Commission recently announced that from 2011 onwards, all new production cars in the European Union must be equipped with “autopilot lighting during the day”. At the same time, the European Commission has approved Audi and Toyota to use LEDs as lighting headlights in cars. It can be seen that automotive LED lamps have great market potential in the world.

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