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Liwin R&D Capacity

Research & Development


The company has a comprehensive product management system and production control processes, the current 3 senior engineers, 13 intermediate technicians, 128 employees, factory area of 3000 square meters, the formation of the development, production and in the "quality of service innovation" continue to move forward on the road .


At present, our products are divided into general DC / AC ballast MD models, DC / AC thin ballast, CAN-BUS Slim / MD models ballast, 55W constant power slim ballast, 75W/100W constant power ballast , LED lights, LED products, high quality system, offers high-quality high-quality HID products.


In addition to selling my company has a mainstream style, there are 8 styles of high-end private module customized for the guests, and can accept OEM production orders. we strictly follow the generation of production, research and development generation of innovative ideas, new product development to invest in large sums of money, continues to lead the HID toward a higher and better goals.


Today, LIWIN HID has represented the "professional quality power and reliable". LIWIN is always welcome. Sincere and friendly guests to visit our factory for HID and contribute to the force of his passion and strength!